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Why Our Hit Counters Are Free

Yes. it is true! Our hit counters are free.

Each of our free hit counters comes with a small text link that appears right below your hit counter image. The link that appears under the hit counter image simply links back to the homepage or a page within our site (we are NOT in the business of selling text links to advertisers like so many other hit counter websites you'll find on the Internet these days.) All we request is that you link back to our website via the text link that will appear below your hit counter once you download it onto your website. However, you are free to link to any page in our site if you don't like your text link. All of the content and subject matter on our site is limited to webmaster services, tools, information and resources.

We request that our hit counter customers link back to our site using the text link we provide with each counter to support the free services we offer webmasters. Please know if you alter the hit counter code we provide you it may deactivate your hit counter.