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  Your free search engine submission service is wonderful! As per your instruction I submitted my site using your free service and then I started getting other websites to link to my website. Its been a month and my website has already been indexed by a few large search engines.  
Eric L.
  Your service gave my site just the boost it needed. Thanks! I've already started showing up in Google and a few other search engines.  
Jessica G.

Free Search Engine Submission - Submit Your Web Site URL For Free!

Our search engine submission script will submit your website URL to 20+ top search engines for free. However, since Google accounts for a majority of search engine traffic and because Google can detect automated submission scripts we will manually submit your website to Google to ensure that your website is indexed correctly. Given that several of the 20+ search engines we submit to share their data, your site will end up on at least 40 search engines.

The main engines we submit to:
  • Google (Accounts for the majority of search engine traffic)
  • Whatuseek
  • Wisenut
  • ExactSeek
  • Scrubtheweb
  • Jayde
In addition your site will be listed in the below Search Engines:

  • AOL Search
  • HotBot
  • Metacrawler
  • Dogpile
  • Mamma
  • C4
  • ixquick
  • Infogrid
  • WebInfoSearch Fast Search
  • Query Server
  • 800go
  • Debriefing
  • Highway 61
  • OneSeek
  • MetaSpider
  • Vivisimo
  • PlanetSearch
All we ask in exchange for our free search engine submission service is that you place a link on your website to the website below. The fulfillment for the manual submission portion of our free search engine submission service is provided by the marketing team at

Step 1
  Copy and then paste the following link code into a main page on your website:
The link will look like this:   SES performed by markteing team.
Step 2
  Once you have placed the link on your site fill out the form below and click the submit button.
Location of our link on your website  (required)

Your website will not be submited to the list of search engines above
until we have verified that our link has been placed on your site.
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If you'd like to have your site optimized to achieve top search engine rankings please enter your phone number below and we'll have a search engine optimization specialist contact you once your site has been submitted.
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(Note: Your phone number will not be shared with any third parties.)
By clicking on the submit button you are affirming that you are the owner or legal administrator for the website being submitted.