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Hit Counter FAQ

1. Are your hit counters really free?

Our hit counters are indeed 100% free all we request is that you link back to our site so that your website visitors will know where you got your counter from. We also invite you to link to any of the other pages in your site that you desire. We offer some very useful webmaster guides providing useful and realiable information.

2. Is it hard to create a hit counter? Does it take very long.

Creating an attractive and reliable hit counter for your website couldn't be easier or fasters. All you need to do is click on the hit counter design you want to appear on your website we then provide you with the html code for the hit counter you selected. Just copy the code we provide you and paste it into your website's html code and your hit counter will start working as soon as you upload the new page your website.

3. Can I alter the counter code you provide?

You can make minimal changes to the hit counter code we provide but we require that you do not material alter the hit counter code. If you alter too much of the code we provide your hit counter will be deactivated. Please know we review all our hit counters regularly and reserve the right to deactivate your hit counter if you've made material changes to the code you downloaded.

4. How do I reset my hit counter counter?
(Note: The steps below will help you login to your account where you can reset your hit counter, change your hit counter style, download new hit counter code, and more.)

To reset you hit counter follow the steps below:
    Step 1 - Go to the web page on your site where your hit counter is located.
    Step 2 - Click on the hit counter image or text link located beneath your hit counter image.
    Step 3 - On the left hand side of the page you are taken to find the "Hit Counter" banner ad and click on it. (Note: if you do not see a "Hit Counter" banner ad then simply click on the "Account Login" link.
    Step 4 - On the left hand side of the page you are taken to find the "Account Login" link and click on it.
    Step 5 - Enter the email address you used when signing up for your hit counter along with your password and click the arrow icon. (If you do not remember your password or do not have a password simply click on the "Lost your password" link, enter your email address, click on the arrow icon and your password will be sent to you.)
    Step 6 - Now that you are in your account you can reset your hit counter, change hit counter styles, change your counter setting, copy your counter code and change your account information.

5. What if I need another counter?
Simply repeat the process of selecting another counter but use the same email and password. This will allow you to manage all of your counters with one login.

If you have any other questions or concerns regarding your counter please contact us.